Akron Internationals is a ministry opportunity with the Chapel to reach out to International Students who attend the University of Akron.  There are a multitude of opportunities on how to serve, with the gaol being to develop relationships and help facilitate the gospel message being shared through the various events, retreats, or on a personal level.


For the over 1,000 International Students attending the University of Akron:

As they are away from their culture, family and friends.

To have their hearts receptive to attending an Akron Internationals event.

To have their hearts receptive to the Gospel message.




Furniture which can be given to International Students who have a need.



Provide weekly meals

Volunteer to either bring food or be a server at the Friday Night Dinners (at the Chapel in Akron).

“One Plate”

Volunteer to be part of “One Plate,” which partners an International student with your family to be invited for a meal at your home or restaurant.

Retreats / Day Trips

Volunteer to serve at a weekend retreat or day trip.

Discover Group

Start a Discover Group, which is analogous to a Life Group, but attended by a group of International students.


Volunteer to help at ESL (English Classes).


Volunteer to offer rides to students for shopping.  The greatest need is at the beginning of the school year when students arrive.