What is Disciple-Making?

Jesus co-missions His followers to be disciples and make disciples.  To see others know Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him and others.


Discipleship.  Following Jesus.  (Matthew 4v19)

Disciple-Making.  Following me as I follow Jesus.  (1 Corinthians 11v1)

What Does a Disciple-Maker Do?

GOING.  Whether we’re going across the street to our neighbors or going across the seas to the nations, disciples of Jesus are called to make disciples as we go about our everyday life.

BAPTIZING.  As we start building relationships with others, we begin to help establish their faith in Jesus with the physical and spiritual act of baptism.  This new life involves helping grow in their relationship with Jesus and others.

TEACHING.  The command to teach may seem overwhelming.  Jesus’ command here is to learn and obey the teachings of Jesus with another, allowing Jesus to be the ultimate teacher as we learn together from Him.

Matthew 28v16-20

Who Do I Make Disciples of?


Odds are that we all have neighbors living in proximity to your home.  The same can be said that we all know of people in proximity of our day to day life.  These are the neighbors that Jesus wants us to share the Gospel with.  (Mark 12v28-31)

New Believers. 

When you first come to know Jesus, depending on when and how, there can be a huge “learning curve”.  The Church is to actively be part of the growth and maturation of new believers in knowing Jesus.  (Ephesians 4v14-16)


There is no greater ministry or responsibility than to teach and model the way of Jesus to your children.  (Deuteronomy 6v4-9)


The young and the zealous always need the wisdom of the older generation, to teach and train younger men and women.  (Titus 2)


Whether overseas or even within our own communities, Jesus’ directive is to make disciples of all people groups.  (Matthew 28v16-20)

Where Do I Start?

Be a Disciple. 

Our first clear step in disciple-making is to first be a disciple of Jesus.  This simply means growing in our relationship with Jesus, being a life-long learner or apprentice of Him and His Word(s).  This may also include being discipled by someone!

Get Trained. 

We have tons of resources at our disposal, but often not enough training.  Disciple-Making Training is a class designed to equip people to make disciples of Jesus.  Also, check out E4, our online disciple-making studies!

Get Connected. 

The Bridge Team exists as a team of disciple-makers who are ready to connect one on one to address specific questions and provide next steps toward making disciples.

Make Disciples. 

Start engaging the co-mission by discipling others either one on one or one on few!  Or consider being discipled by someone first to see how it goes!