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God has created so many different people groups, so many ethnicities that make up the tapestry of the world’s population. To this reality, God has called us to be his ambassadors and to make disciples of all nations and people groups. God’s heart and direction also leads us to the poor. With so much hurt, pain, loss and poverty all around the world, we can respond to these opportunities desperately crying for God’s compassion and love. Let’s follow God’s initiative for the nations bring them the hope of the story of Jesus.
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Our partnership in Chad involves working alongside church planters, evangelists, medical volunteers, local doctors, medical training personnel, other ministry leaders, micro-business enterprises and more.

Our partnership in Haiti involves working alongside CPR-3 and Chelo to serve in the village of Bercy. Our GO Teams focus on building relationships with families who attend Chelo’s church and families in the village. They do medical clinics, kids club activities, ESL classes, working with single mothers, discipleship and more.

Our partnership in Mexico City involves working alongside Gerardo Pereyra and the church plants. Our GO Teams help with kids club and leader training in the summer. We also seek to support the local pastors in the work that they do on a daily basis.

Our partnership in Mazatlan involves working alongside John Reaser and Amor y Libertad church to serve in Mazatlan and with the Roots and Wings Daycare. Our GO Teams do work projects with people in the community, serve at the church, help with discipleship, or spend time with children and parents at the daycare.

We also send GO Teams to locations like Atlanta, France, Philadelphia, Portugal, Virginia Beach, and Canada. Our teams do everything from learning about how to relate to people of other religions, building relationships, running Vacation Bible Schools, hiking the St. James Way, and helping church plants connect to their community.