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Jesus In His Own Words

With so many opinions and presentations of Jesus today, it seems we live in a Jesus confused culture.

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Dictionary.com defines legacy as “anything handed down from the past.” What has been handed down to you, and what will you pass to others? What does it mean to invest your life in something that will outlast you? Join us as we discover what it means to live a legacy and leave a legacy.

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The One Anothers

“All I need is God.” “I don’t need church or small groups to connect with God.” “I love Jesus, I just don’t need other Christians.” Are these statements true? In the Bible, there are over 50 “one another” statements that are given. Join us for this 5 week series to find out what the Bible teaches about the importance of “one anothers” in your life.

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Character Resolution

Often when we make resolutions they are action-oriented. What if before we decided WHAT we were going to do, we decided WHO we were going to be? We are digging into the book of Daniel. This series gives us insight and suggestions into what it looks like to make character resolutions.

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State of the Church 2014

We will look at where our church is today and focus forward to 2014.

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