Parents, no one has more potential to influence your child than you do! There are 936 weeks from the time your child is born until graduation. You have the opportunity to leverage your influence throughout all the phases your kids will go through. We want to partner with you! Two combined influences are greater than just two influences.

One way we partner with you is to equip you with a tool called Parent Cue. The Parent Cue sheet sent home each weekend in POWER Kids gives you cues throughout the week that you can use to make the most of moments with your kids. From drive time to dinner time, we can all use cues to start and continue conversations with our kids!

Kids have a front row seat to our lives. If we want to teach our kids to live it, we need to lead by example and live like Jesus ourselves. Parents who desire to publicly commit to raising their child to know Jesus may participate in a child dedication service. We have special services throughout the year during which parents first attend a required child dedication class and then, together with other families, participate in a child dedication service where they stand in front of the church and commit to raising their child(ren) to love, follow and live like Jesus.

Children’s Ministry Contact: Sarabeth Clarke