All kids (newborn-5th grade) are checked into POWER Kids at our Check-In stations. Each child receives a name tag, and parents receive a pick-up number that matches the number on their child’s name tag. Pick-up numbers are required when you come to pick up your child from POWER Kids following the service.

Here is what to expect your first time at POWER Kids Check-In at Grace Church Medina East Campus:

• A POWER Kids Check-In Volunteer will help your family register at our Check-In desk. We will ask for contact information, your kid’s name and birthday, and if they have any allergies.

• Kid’s name tag and parent pick-up number will print. Place the name tag on your child and keep your pick-up number with you.

• POWER Kids Check-In Volunteer will walk you to your child’s room and introduce you to the leaders in that room.

• If for any reason we need to contact you during the service, we will display the pick-up number on the screen in the Auditorium (“Parent of Child (pick-up number), please report to your child’s POWER Kids room.”)

• When you come to pick up your kid following the service, we will ask for your pick-up number and match that number to the number on your kid’s name tag.

Children’s Ministry Contact: Sarabeth Clarke