We want our POWER Kids Elementary Kids to know they:

• Can trust God no matter what.
• Need to make the wise choice.
• Should treat others the way they want to be treated.

Our elementary space is designed to meet kids in their phase. We want to engage the interest of elementary kids so they can trust God’s character and experience God’s family. We want to help elementary kids own their own faith by sharing how to begin a relationship with God and helping them build a firm foundation of biblical knowledge. We want to show kids that the Bible is the source of wisdom and truth and how what they learn applies to their daily lives. Throughout their time in POWER Kids Elementary, kids will have an opportunity to hang out in our game room as they arrive and interact in a large-group and small-group setting. During Large Group, kids will hear and interact with a Bible story, learn our monthly memory verse and bottom line for the day, sing a worship song led by our POWER Kids Worship Team, collect offering and interact with Game Time. During Small Group, kids will break into grade-specific groups and participate in activities that reinforce the Bible story and bottom line. At pick-up, families take home a Parent Cue and God Time to help continue the conversation at home.

Children’s Ministry Contact: Sarabeth Clarke